Running And Stuff


There is a place nearby where you can go and run if you want.  Going to the gym is something that I Have been thinking about doing and I think I might go here and see if I like running and if so then I might have to join the gym and do some full workout routines.  Lifting weights is something else that I would like to learn how to do and I think it would probably be something that I enjoy as well.  I have seen some people around here who go to the gym and it just seems like the kind of thing I would like.  Of course, I would need to learn how to do all the exercises because the only thing I really know how to do right now are pushups and I don’t think that is the only thing I am going to be doing if I go to the gym.  I will probably see if I can find a place that will give me a place to learn and then I will be able to get in there and pump some mad iron.  lol.

I also want to learn about the things I will need to use to maximize my workouts.  I have heard people talking about different supplements and I know there are things like caffeine that people will take to get some workout energy and then there are also things like those prohormones that were all the rage a while ago but I think most of them are off the market and that’s not something I would want to use anyway.  I think that I also heard about something like garcinia cambogia that is supposed to be a new supplement designed to help people lose weight but I don’t know anything about that besides what I read.  I will probably just try to do some workouts for a while and then if I decide that I would be helped by some of those kinds of things then I might look more into them.  The only other concern that I had about working out was whether or not I would be able to do it with my headphones that I have.  I know that they play music in the gym but I am kind of a nerd when it comes to music so I would probably want to listen to my own when I work out at wherever I do.