Looking at this

During a trip to the store I was looking at some places that were on a poster on the wall that I thought looked like they would be fun to go and frolic. This may seem a bit strange to you because why would you be at a book store doing that, but I was there checking them out and it gave me some concepts for things I would like to do. The places that I want to go are mostly locations that are a bit distant from where I am because it seems like that is how you observe the spots that are modified from where you are. So I was thinking that I might want to see some of them because it would give me some ideas for other things to do. There was a place that looked nice and it was somewhere closer to Oklahoma which looked nice. It was in Costa Rica and it was the kind of place where you could go and do some major socializing with people who are there. It’s something that I don’t really know much about because I haven’t been there but from the description and transfers I saw it seemed like a place I Would like to go. O that is something I think would be cool because there are a few things you can do there. Of course there is the location with all the cool stuff. And then you can go surfing. I found a surf camp there that seems like something I would be interested in. But the thing is that getting there could be part of the issue because I would have to fly and that means I would have to be able to use PTO and that means I would have to talk to my coworkers which means that I’d probably have to figure out how I was going to do all this. So I think that really I’m going to have to go there if I want want and I don’t know if it’s where I will be heading on the next safari or what I like to call it. So basically though that is something I would do and I think that if I were to do it it would give me some good changes of pace from what I normally do and that is why it was so exciting when I was there seeing it. That is what I Have been doing and really it makes me consider that I should probably do some of the things I Have been thinking of because then I could get some new references and that would help me come up with new things to do that would be good and then I could have some examples of things I understand.