Is This Such a Bad Thing?

It makes my brain start with “what is the opposite of the guy who is friend-zoned” to some degree. I think in terms of HS, its the not-as-cool girl, who hasn’t peaked yet, who’s book smart and who all the popular kids try to manipulate into doing their homework for them. She’s nice, she won’t rat you out cus she’s secretly crushing on you but she’s not a confident go-getter or rebellious. She does what is expected of her, conforms to all social norms, goes to school, goes to college, gets above average grades, doesn’t go far out of her comfort zone on any level to excel academically, financially or socially.

She’s forgettable, and is often leading a life of getting by, or doing jobs that don’t necessarily thrill her but that which gain the approval of parents or community. She probably has affinity towards animals or charity/volunteer work. She’s a people pleaser, but pleasing herself is not a priority. She’s not outspoken in relationships because of the need to please others. She probably has daddy issues.

Because of her people pleasing nature, she’s probably been teachers pets, and TA’s in college, and admin assistant roles in her adult life.

She probably drives a Prius or Corolla, drinks middle of the road tea instead of coffeehouse coffee, and likes to shop at places like JCPenny’s and the Gap. She wears sensible shoes, and does her own mani-pedi’s. She probably keeps her locks mid-length and no super bold dye jobs. Probably has a style that leans more toward the conservative side.

She’s wistful and watches things like Sex in the City and romantic comedies and pines to be the strong women figures she sees in fictional characters.

She’s a good daughter, doing any family thing required of her without a word otherwise. If she has siblings, she’s probably the middle child and is often bailing out or defending her more rebellious sisters/brothers.

She’s bookish, and may or may not be super aware of the importance of health and fitness. If she IS, its not to any extreme. If she played sports, she wasn’t a team leader and never very competitive. She probably doesn’t do any sports in her adulthood. She may be properly educated in sports, again, as a people pleaser but not because she especially enjoys watching them.

She’s probably cute, not gorgeous, average build, not fit, not fat. Not tall not skinny. Probably has average features on all levels.  May need corrective lenses but probably only wears them to drive or once she gets home, but uses contacts for daytime activities like work etc.

The tendency of religious or political affiliations is probably not super active, but more on the conservative side of things. Probably cookie cutter views to that of her family.

You were intrigued by her looks because she IS cute, but there’s a social awkwardness about her that makes you pass her by and aim for someone with a bit more substance and risk taking. She might not have much relationship experience or a lot of shorter term relationships that ended in disappointment on both sides. She’s probably looking to settle down before her partner is ready and thus pushed the men in her life away because of it. This may have created a scenario where she’s slept with more people that she wanted to to gain approval.