Crazy Fashions

Living in the city means that you will get to see some unusual people. I was talking to someone the other day who was telling me that they wanted to get solid black contacts and that was something I hadn’t actually encountered before. It was kind of the thing where you guess they probably make them but you haven’t actually seen anyone wear them so you’re like, ok. The reason she said she wanted them was because there was some style she was trying for and apparently that is the kind of thing you need to do this. I don’t know, because I think that I probably wouldn’t ever wear black contacts but I know there are some people who are into that. I don’t know if she was going to wear them to scare her friends or what but it seems that it was pretty unusubizarre to do and I think that is what she craves. Do you know people thinking they should do something crazy and that is essentially what carries their style forward? She is like that. I can’t really say anything though because I don’t have too good of a sense of fashion. Ask anyone. I basically find things online that look cool and wear those.

But this is really the sort of reason I wanted to live here anyway because you don’t see these things anywhere else. I’m really liking this so far. As you know from being in the city, this is why people live here and it is a big part of what makes things like this so interesting. I am basically trying to say that there is a diversity that I want that I continue to chase. And that is why I really like it around. People that I see apparently have their own versions for what they consider to be authentic and I think it is amazing because you get this sort of feeling that you cannot get elsewhere. But to be honest I am not going to be doing anything too out there anytime soon. Looking around though it just shows me what I like about living here and makes it apparent that I made a good act in moving here. Because the more I think about it the more I think that I’m not really going to be wanting to head out anywhere else, because why would I, because in a city you ge the stuff that you don’t find anywhere else, and that is the most entertaining aspect of everything.