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Running And Stuff


There is a place nearby where you can go and run if you want.  Going to the gym is something that I Have been thinking about doing and I think I might go here and see if I like running

Cool Styles


There are a lot of cool martial arts movies, and I was looking at a martial arts equipment website called which made me think that I would like to take karate or kung fu or something.  There are a

Exploring Your Psychic Side

woman sideview face

Shakespeare once said that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in philosophy, and it’s true that the spiritual side of life holds a fascination for many people. If you’re seeking a deeper meaning to

Headaches, Honey, And Reality TV


I am glad today is Saturday so I don’t have to go to work.  I woke up this morning with a sinus headache and I don’t really want to do anything except relax around the house today.  One of my

Living In A Small Flat

living room

As you know, I love living in the city.  I love it.  But as you know from either experience or from watching “House Hunters” on HGTV, flats are much smaller in the city.  I remember when I first moved here

A New Treatment?

deep in thought

As you know, one of my interests is personal development.  I recently came across this article about a new treatment for depression that I thought was interesting and wanted to share: In today’s stressful world, depression is becoming ever more

Planning Our Trip

indonesia cliff

I am super excited right now. In fact, this is the most excited I’ve been in a while. Some other single ladies I know asked if I’d be interested in going with them on a little trip. Why is that



One of my goals in 2013 is to learn to invest. Investing is something I’ve wanted to learn to do for a while but I never really knew where to start. I’ve been saving money for a long time but

Street Parking Sucks


After living in the city for a while and getting around mostly on foot (or public transportation), the time appears to have come for me to get a car.  Alas, I am losing some of my city cred.  Cuz you

Is This Such a Bad Thing?


It makes my brain start with “what is the opposite of the guy who is friend-zoned” to some degree. I think in terms of HS, its the not-as-cool girl, who hasn’t peaked yet, who’s book smart and who all the