Another Post About The Internet

I enjoy blogging.  And for people who want to get started, there are a lot of good options.  You can try WordPress.  You can use Weebly.  You can use  There are plenty of good opportunities to blog, and most of them are quite easy to set up.

The reason to blog is because you enjoy writing and you want to share what you write with other people.  You may have seen groups of sites that are all about the same topic, like maybe there are people who blog about video games or whatever and they all share tips and codes and stuff for each other.  Or maybe they post screenshots or videos of how to beat a certain level or whatever.  That’s what it’s all about is getting involved in the community that has the same interests as you.

There are a few other blogging options that aren’t free, however.  I probably wouldn’t start with them because they cost money and if you’re just starting why would you want to pay money to blog, but they might have something you are looking for so you can check them out if you want.  I prefer to stay with blogs that don’t cost me money to use.

Once you start blogging you may find that you will have a lot of stuff to write about.  I know that I have had topics pop into my head and I wanted to type them out.  And then there will be people’s sites that you find and read and you like them and you want to read more, and that’s who you know you’ve found a good site.  I don’t know if that happens often, but there are a few sites that I really like and I read them pretty regularly because the people who post there have some good things to say.  And then there are some other sties that are just ok, and then there are other sites that are hilarious and I read them because they make me laugh.  And lets’ not forget you can also share your site with other people who can share it with other people and you can make new friends and get more potential viewers that way.  I know that some of my friends are into writing online and I will read what they have to say and they read what I have to say and that’s basically how the whole thing works although you might find that you don’t always like all of your friend’s writing, it’s still something that you should read just so you can be aware of what is going on with them.