Monthly Archives: February 2014

Leaving The City

I think that if I ever move out of the city I am going to get a house with a big yard.  Having lived downtown for so long it’s almost as if I don’t even know what a yard is like anymore.  When I come home I go up to my unit and open the door and I have a nice apartment but if I want to do anything I have to go somewhere public.  We have an open field nearby if I want to walk outside, but it is a public thing, it’s not like it’s my own little area.  It’s quite different to actually have an outside area that you can call your own.  I’d like to have a deck, too, so I can get some benches or whatever up there and invite people over and have a place to sit.  As of now when I invite people over we just chill in my living room because there’s nowhere else to go.

When I get a yard, I’m also going to have a garden.  I want to grow some herbs and many vegetables just to see if I can.  There will be a few other things that I do, too, assuming I get a big enough area.  I also like to grill, so there would definitely be a grill there.  And so people could lay back and relax I would get some metal garden furniture.  Basically, I want to be able to have my little get togethers outside.

But seeing as how I live downtown and work downtown, I  don’t think I’ll be moving to a house with a yard anytime around the present.  Unless, of course, my boss decided that I could work from home and would let me do it that way.  I certainly wouldn’t want to make the trip every day from the burbs into the city.  No way, and most of my friends live here, too, so I’d have to find a way to get them out to where I live which they wouldn’t want to do.  City people like living in the city, and there’s a much different feel out in the suburbs.  While you get stuff like a yard, and grass, and a garage, there is less activity and that sort of thing and you’ve got other issues as well.  The city is my preferred place to live, but there’s lots of things I would like to do if I had a house, too.  But there are a lot of things I love about the city and I have most of my friends here, too, so my garden will heap up in my idea list until then.

Another Post About The Internet

I enjoy blogging.  And for people who want to get started, there are a lot of good options.  You can try WordPress.  You can use Weebly.  You can use  There are plenty of good opportunities to blog, and most of them are quite easy to set up.

The reason to blog is because you enjoy writing and you want to share what you write with other people.  You may have seen groups of sites that are all about the same topic, like maybe there are people who blog about video games or whatever and they all share tips and codes and stuff for each other.  Or maybe they post screenshots or videos of how to beat a certain level or whatever.  That’s what it’s all about is getting involved in the community that has the same interests as you.

There are a few other blogging options that aren’t free, however.  I probably wouldn’t start with them because they cost money and if you’re just starting why would you want to pay money to blog, but they might have something you are looking for so you can check them out if you want.  I prefer to stay with blogs that don’t cost me money to use.

Once you start blogging you may find that you will have a lot of stuff to write about.  I know that I have had topics pop into my head and I wanted to type them out.  And then there will be people’s sites that you find and read and you like them and you want to read more, and that’s who you know you’ve found a good site.  I don’t know if that happens often, but there are a few sites that I really like and I read them pretty regularly because the people who post there have some good things to say.  And then there are some other sties that are just ok, and then there are other sites that are hilarious and I read them because they make me laugh.  And lets’ not forget you can also share your site with other people who can share it with other people and you can make new friends and get more potential viewers that way.  I know that some of my friends are into writing online and I will read what they have to say and they read what I have to say and that’s basically how the whole thing works although you might find that you don’t always like all of your friend’s writing, it’s still something that you should read just so you can be aware of what is going on with them.

Forum Popularity

The internet can be a silly place.  It’s kind of like people will talk to each other even though they might not know each other online, and they’ll still try to compete to see who can be the coolest person online.  If you’re a person who goes on forums you’ve probably seen this before.  I know I have.  People will post things and try to get the most reputation as if that actually matters.  I mean, I get in real life that people want to have other people like them because you’re around them and there’s a natural desire to want to be seen as a leader, but online you don’t even know the other people.  It’s so silly.

And while I’m making fun of this pretty silly thing, I find myself doing the same stuff when I am online.  For some reason I want my answers on forums to be the best.  I want other people to recognize my name and know who I am so they know what I say is legit because I’m saying it.  It’s hilarious because I don’t even know who these people are but for some reason I still want to be cool on the internet.

It would seem that I’m not the only one.  In addition to all the stuff you can do online to try and get popular, you can even do things to inflate your accounts on different sites.  To illustrate, it’s possible to buy Facebook likes to make it seem like more people like your company than actually do.  I think that’s so bizarre.  When I’m looking at a company I almost never pay attention to their number of likes because it’s not important to me, but you can get that number up higher if you want.  I guess that kind of thing might be important if you want it to seem like you’ve got a lot of fans or whatever, but I don’t really know what else you would do with it.

I do like to post on different forums though and I have actually met some people from there that were kind of interesting.  I know there are a few people on there who probably wouldn’t ever want to meet someone online, but in situations where it may actually work out it can be kind of interesting.  For example, there was one time when a bunch of people from this one forum I’m on all decided to meet up at this restaurant and hang out.  It was pretty fun and I had no idea what would happen but most of them were pretty funny guys and we all had a good experience there.