Monthly Archives: August 2013

Headaches, Honey, And Reality TV

I am glad today is Saturday so I don’t have to go to work.  I woke up this morning with a sinus headache and I don’t really want to do anything except relax around the house today.  One of my friends said I should try a neti pot to clear my sinuses and sent me a video of someone demonstrating how to use it.  It’s basically a little cup that you pour into your nose as you tilt your head and the water comes out the other nostril.  The video actually made me laugh a little because it seemed so crazy.

I usually will take some medicine and take it easy when I have a headache.  Today I’m going to just relax for most of the day and play catch up with the TV shows I’ve recorded.  I really don’t watch that many TV shows, and sadly I seem to be liking reality shows more and more.  I don’t want to like them but I think I’m getting sucked in, and I’d say over 50% of the shows I record are reality shows.  I especially like the home renovation ones, and I’m a huge fan of Faceoff (the makeup special effects one) and the fashion shows.  I’m such a girl.

Every summer my allergies act up a bit.  It’s so random, though, like one day I’ll feel fine and the next day I’ll be sneezing all the time.  I think that’s what causes my sinus headaches, too.  Actually, speaking of allergies, I recently read that local honey, meaning honey produced locally as opposed to imported from somewhere else, is supposed to be helpful for allergies.  I guess it has to do with the pollen or something.  I should see if I can find some around here because usually I just buy my honey at the grocery store and I’m sure that’s imported from somewhere else.  In fact, I also recently read that much of the “honey” that’s sold isn’t even actually honey at all, but is some fake sugary thing instead.

Well I need to finish up and go make some tea and start my marathon of recorded reality TV shows.  If I feel better later I need to do some shopping; I’ve been long overdue to buy some new bedsheets for months now.  I want to get some lighter sheets since it’s summer now because the ones I have now are the ones I got last winter.